Is anaplan better than excel?

Anaplan vs. Excel

Do you tell yourself that Excel is "good enough" despite feeling frustrated by its limited functionality? Explore the differences between planning in Excel's rigid, error-prone environment and planning in Anaplan's multidimensional, Connected Planning platform built on the Hyperblock, a powerful modeling and calculation engine that allows you to make instant changes to models of any size.

Modeling changes that normally take weeks in Excel are as simple as drag-and-drop in Anaplan. With Anaplan's Connected Planning platform, you can:

Execute "what-if" scenarios on-the-fly without administrative burden

Control security with precision. Restrict access to any individual cell, intersection of data, or sheet

Replicate in minutes what would take hours to build in Excel

Plan across multiple dimensions like time, months, years, geography, regions, and global rollup

Oh my my, yes.

While nothing will replace Excel, there is more to life than a spreadsheet.

Anaplan in the right hands does amazing things, but you have to license it, that is, buy it - and going through the evaluation process, you'll learn much about how it works, how multiple people can contribute to the same model, how it can handle and manage large data sets and so on.

Find out more and you'll see there's plenty you can do with Anaplan (but you'll still have some spreadsheets around.)

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