Is barefoot running healthy for all foot types?

Flat feet occur when the arch of the foot flattens toward the ground. Up to 30 percent of all people experience flat feet. Despite common belief, there is little correlation between your foot type and potential running injuries during barefoot running. If you are running barefoot, your foot should strike the ground on your forefoot or midfoot, continuing until the heel touches the ground. For this action, arch height is irrelevant. Running barefoot can actually increase flexibility and strength in your feet, which can counter some of the negative effects of flat feet.

Can I do exercises that work the same muscles in different proportions on the same day?

The human back has an extremely complicated structure...I can think of 7 different muscle groups without even trying. I do chins, 3 different types of rows, straight-armed pulldowns, shrugs, bent-over flyes, deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts...all in the same day. You have

What are some common misconceptions about aging?

There are several misconceptions about aging. I will list some of them and comment as I go along.Aging is natural. Nobody should interfere with this natural process. Comment: A physician who diagnosed a bacterial tonsillitis in a patient with throat pain is expected to treat that with antibiotics. In the past osteoarthritis from old age

What do marriages need?

Communication and common courtesy (remember to say 'please' and 'thank you' and 'excuse me' when you burp or fart or have to blow your nose at the table).It helps if each partner believes s/he got the best of the bargain.Each partner should do some little thing every day to induce the other partner to