Is burning 600 calories a day enough to lose weight?

Losing weight mostly depends on creating a caloric deficit.

To lose 1 pound of fat (half kg) in a week you need to maintain a caloric deficit of roughly around 3500kcal, which is around 500kcal per day (this figure may differ from person to person depending on the metabolic rate)

If you are consuming say 2000kcal and burning 600kcal and working out 6 days a week you are creating a caloric deficit of 3600kcal which would indeed help you drop some extra pounds (Remember consistency is the key)

You can enjoy your favorite meal once in a while unless until you are in deficit

You can use calorie tracking apps like myfitnesspal to track the amount of calories you are consuming

What is the difference between false optimism and rational optimism?

Rephrased it is the difference between wrong optimism and right optimism. Either your optimism is inaccurate or unfounded and therefore does not come true or your optimism is rather accurate and does come true in the future. Optimism can be largely impulsive or it can be thought about to some

What simple activities at home can men do to buff up from being skinny?

There are a few things you need to do and know to gain muscle weight.Eat. Eat a lot. Eat clean. You want to gain weight but you dont want to gain fat weight. You want to gain lean muscle weight. Use this Calorie Calculator to determine how many calories you need a

Will walking 3.5 mph for an hour every day (3-4 miles) help me to think more positive about life?

If you type "walk for health" on Google and you will find thousand of articles and organizations encouraging people to walk for a healthier life.I like to walk around the block and most of the time just take a walk