Is cardio more important than weight training?

That depends on many things.

What are your goals?

By weight training do mean just lifting weights? Or do you include circuit training which is both weight lifting and cardio.

If you're only concerned with getting bigger, then compound lifts are more important (ie. squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press)

If you only want to be faster, sprinting will be more important.

If you want to be the best version of yourself, practically fit and healthy, then a combination of both are important.

Good luck!

What's the best gift for my husband on his birthday?

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Can a relatively skinny guy like me (9-12% body fat) lose fat while gaining muscle through fasting and eating healthy and weight lifting, or is it harder to do both at the same time if you're already pretty low-fat?

All of these thing dont work together,Fast gove your less or no calories, weightlifting require huge amount of calories to lift, and you need protien to make muscles.So fast will make you lose fat and then lose muscles, because muscles are also source of energy, your weightlifting will make you

Is it healthy to combine Strength training with HIIT cardio?

Why wouldn't it be?Name a professional football, hockey, basketball, baseball or soccer athlete that doesn't strength train in this day in age to some degree?Now think about what those sports are, if not basically HIIT? If not basically very very intense, very