Is consciousness related to biology?

Yes, consciousness is related to biology to the extent it affects our bio-consciousness, i.e. the way it manifests through elan vital or the vital energy, metabolism and anabolism, thought and feelings generated by way of neuron firings, information processed from sensory stimuli and motor action etc.

But consciousness has an universal and all pervading nature ( non-locality), not yet fit within quantum science definitions. It does not fit into an ontological or epistemological definition either. It breaks open the space-time barriers , within which our conscious mind operates. This renders measurement impossible, as physical or biological expression of consciousness can not be separated from its universal and fundamental form. Its not an emergent phenomenon nor an associative one, for if it had been emergent , then it should be traced back to the big bang. It impacts both living and the non-living forms, but living forms react in a profound way laws of which are not still known.

Perhaps that's how consciousness relates to biology.

Of Google, Apple and Microsoft, which company spends more on innovation?

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Of course,I'm the follower of Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)Here's the best thing he ever said about his religion (and mine)