Is crying easily good or bad for girls?

It is neither good nor bad but it is quite natural. Women have hormones that make them emotionally strong and vulnerable as well while men are physically strong but many a times emotionally weak. It is the estrogen in women that makes them behave the way they do. But essentially some women are strong enough to hold back their tears but some are not. So I guess we can't generalize it to hold true for all the women. Let a woman be herself, don't try to change her.

Crying is good for health because it's a natural feeling. But crying easily on silly things gives a sign that she is weak. People assume that girls can cry but boys cannot which is wrong. Boys can also cry but at very desperate situation when he sees nothing but darkness. Unfortunately, most girls nowadays have mastered in bringing fake tears and slaughter innocents.

How bad can sleep deprivation get?

I have no extreme experience of sleep deprivation but can surmise it can have lethal implications.I once began a day at 6am, went to University, had a full day there, went home, worked a shift delivering pizza from 6.30

Is it worth it to buy the Pro Apps bundle from Apple, to mainly use Final Cut Pro, even though I might not use the other apps?

I want to be clear that I am not denigrating Apple, I am simply answering the question honestly.It depends, but Apple products for video production and post are no longer considered

Is the cable industry dying?

As Jeff Harris said, it isn't dying but it is loosing its grip.The US market is strange because in the US it is seen that there is no content without pay TV, but in other markets there is more of a balance. The interesting thing