Is crying good or bad?


The person who is emotionally weak can only cry but they were mentally very strong.

They were very Bold but this society says they are weak - It is totally false statement.

This society allows women to cry but men should not cry. that's the reason women are mentally stronger than men.

Thanks for the A2A

Crying isn't good or bad.

Crying is natural.

An outlet for expression of your emotions.

Even if I label it as good or bad, will you be able to stop it the next time you feel utterly hopeless ? You just can't stop the gushing stream of emotions that have been ‘crying' to be set free. And neither can you fake it. (Unless you are a daughter in law in some Indian family drama and are forced to use glycerine every. damn. time.)

I remember this line by Marisa Peer on ‘The school of Greatness by Lewis Howes'

"What can't express itself in tears, will find a way in some other part of the body"

Stored up emotions can cause havoc in the body. Express your feelings and let them free. Don't cling on to them.

Tears are a universal language and we were all born speaking it.

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