Is everything made of nothing?


1) Our universe, as far as we can tell, came from a Big Bang before which there was, essentially, nothing.
2) Everything we see as solid matter is really just the interaction of different types of energy in emptiness.
3) Everything you experience takes place only within your own consciousness, which you can't see, touch or locate.

See? Nothing.
Thanls for A2A,
Yes.  Everything is made of nothing. think I  am crazy?
Let me explain, an atom have most of its volume consisting of nothingness. A hydrogen atom is 99.9999% empty.
So when atom combine together to make something its mostly nothing. So everything is made of nothing.
Shakespeare shouts through the mouth of King Lear:EX NIHILO NIHIL FIT-nothing will come out of nothing!
When Buddha visualizes at the end of his inquiry SHUNYA- Nothingness, when one attains nirvikalpaka samadhi, Adi Sankara reminds him not to forget his own existence in declaring that there is nothing! it is similar to asking you:Do I have a tongue? Or I tell you: i am sorry that I do not exist! Unless taken in metaphorical sense, nothing denotes not something, not that particular thing. No thing implies not any particular X or Y.
As mud is required to make a pot, so also something is required to make everything, the sum total of somethings. Even all are destroyed out of explosion/Big bang, the ashes will denote something out of which again all /everything will emerge!
Nothing exists can be logically taken as that it is not the case that something exists. So nothing is taken as more hypothetical indicating a pseudo subject about which we cannot talk anything save pseudo predicates.
I take Nothing=everything=nothing!

Yes. At least, assuming that the Big Bang occurred. If you assume we are in a study-state universe, matter has always existed, with no beginning and no end. But you also have to consider that what you picture as "nothing" is not the same "nothing" that you assume is in our universe. When you say "nothing", you are referring to the absence of everything, because we live in a closed system, the conservation of matter applies, therefore matter cannot come from nothing. But "nothing" is very different when not in a closed system, or universe, it behaves differently and doesn't have to abide by the policies of our physical world. Thus allowing something to exist from nothing.

What is 'nothing'?

That is the question answered so long ago in the Vedas.

It has been answered so many times by every religion, with their agendas mixed in.

The nothing is the background energy whose nature is unknown.

Matter is an aspect of the background energy.

The two Japanese words Myoho encompass this relationship.

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