Is exercise addictive? Does one ever experience withdrawal symptoms when they don't exercise?

Many consider that exercise addiction can be a behavioral addiction, but this is a controversial idea at best. The best thing to do, as is the case with most things in life, is to read about both sides and come to a conclusion of your own. This particular article makes the point that there is such a thing as exercise addition and it holds some validity. Decide for yourself:
How to increase traffic on my online store

I checked out your site. As well as your products, home page, Instagram feed and your Facebook page. Before I get into the how, I wanna make a few points. 1. Why not advertise your products on your home page instead of on a separate page? That way people immediately

Is there an exercise plan for females to lose weight and gain muscle?

Bodybuilding,8–12 reps 4/5 sets medium weight(so you can finish all reps)Squats,lunges and romanian deadlifts for legsDumbbell chest press,incline press and some lower chest exercise(i recommend women doing some chest, even only one Exercise,it helps so your chest doesnt get saggy)One armed row,lat pulldowns for back(keep

What did you believe was generally true about people but found out you were wrong?

That they care. Mind you. Some of them actually care.Yet, most people actually don't care.People do not think about other people as much as what they think other people think about them. People generally care only about themselves.People that made a comment that I'm ugly last week, will never remember that he ever made that remark. He