Is family-life worth it?

It completely depends upon what you want to do in life NEXT WITHOUT FAMILY.

  1. Most of us it's needed for emotional, mental, financial and otherwise support. It's worth it.
  2. For Mother Teresa, Anna Hajare ji , Sindhutai Sapkal, HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj, Narendra Modi, They have HIGHER goals than normal house holds. It's not worth it.

It's upto you.. :)

It is to me. I like complexity, I like other people, I like to make things better if I can. I enjoyed raising my kids and helping out with my grandkids. Sometimes I look at them around the dinner table at Christmas or Thanksgiving and I'm just so amazed that I created this family, yes, along with my husband. But there is only one matriarch, he is the patriarch. Our jobs were different, but equal.

They're all fairly happy, married, productive people with no major personal situations. These days that's an accomplishment.

How should I know which stock index is worth buying?

This is an open question on how to invest in Indian stock market as there is no hard rule for this, as we all know, earning through these mediums is called as easy earning because you don't have to involve physically as your mental strength is only required,which is actually not that easy, but still

Are cell phone batteries interchangeable?

It is subjective. Typically for the same model, the batteries are interchangeable. But for different models, the specifications differ in terms of sizes, capacity etc and thus it is not advisable to interchange as it may be risky and battery can damage itself and even the phone.

Which is the best company, according to you- Google, Microsoft, or Apple?

If the question is being asked as an absolute (ie who's the best - period) the list should include Facebook and potentially Amazon - depending on how you're evaluating the company.That said, of the three included I think the answer