Is freelancing the best job in Africa?


Freelancing is one of the best options for all people regardless of their location. However, I have to be painfully honest about this one. It's not the same to be a freelancer in a highly developed or in a country that's still developing. I'm carefully choosing my words and expressions because the last thing I want is to hurt someone's feelings.

Let's entertain ourselves with this hypothetical thought for a moment. If you are to move to the USA to be a freelancer, then freelancing would just one more of the available options for you. On the other side, in some parts of the world (I won't say which ones) freelancing is very often the only option for the very talented people.

I think that the potentials of Africa are simply overwhelming in every possible way imaginable. Freelancing can be of great help in overcoming all the infrastructural and economic obstacles for young and talented people in Africa. It's really an amazing to be able to create a job for you with nothing by a computer and the Internet connection, more or less decent one. That's why I decided to begin my freelance journey in the first place.

Hey Africa, give it a GO!


I won't say that it's the best job because best is relative.

As a former admin of a vibrant and active Kenyan freelancing Facebook group, I could see how some people were struggling in their freelancing career, often because of the fact that you don't get to network with other people, unlike how it happens in an office. It can get lonely.

But yes, freelancing is a great alternative to white collar jobs, especially in Africa, what with the high rates of unemployment. Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are leading in Africa when it comes to freelancing. Hopefully more African countries will see how vital freelancing is and how it can positively impact their economies and invest more in internet infrastructure.

I have been freelancing from home since 2012 and truthfully, there's nothing else I'd rather do.


Bundi, to do Freelancing online, for example, your native language must be English. Then, you have to attach a CV that is verified. In addition, you have to go through technical language tests. Their ads are captivating. You would think the demand far outstrips the supply, because they ask you to register immediately. It's not that simple. Besides, jobs are not continuous. It is best to secure a regular job, and the, do freelancing for extra income. You also need good equipment & an excellent Internet.

Freelancing on online platform such as and eJobu | Connection work can be a very lucrative carreer as it comes with freedom to get paid how much you want, work on stuffs you like and take on multiple projects at once. Most employers there are from the western world so they pay well, but as others have told you, good communication english is required and a portfolio.

I've been researching this, freelancing could be a viable option. However, you would need reliable equipment (internet) and a good network. You would also need a great deal of savings to maintain your lifestyle while you grow your clientele.

It may be best to first find a "normal" position and freelance part-time until you are able to build your base.

Hoping the best for you.

Freelancing is going to be a global trend as the number of full-time jobs decrease and global population increases in size.

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