Is getting married worth it? Why?


In my opinion, nothing teaches a man tolerance like marriage. Nothing teaches a man management and multitasking like marriage. God bless you if you have a good partner, you have little to worry about. But if you got one of the common ones, the ones that get your engines working hard all day, then blessed are you too because one way or the other, you will learn things you wouldn't learn if you were not married.

Marriage is intended to be a place of sacrifice and sacrifice is nothing interesting. Yo will have to lay down your opinions, ideas, wills and luxuries most times just to make peace reign. No wonder they say marriage is not for babes, it's for the strong and ready.

So if you were thinking Romeo and Juliet when you think about marriage, sorry, but it doesn't always work that way.

At the end of the day, it's about you and your partner and your resolve to make your home a beautiful one. So by all means, if you are not yet married, seek someone who is mature enough to weather the storm of marriage with you, because there mostly will be storms... It is in overcoming these storms that the true meaning and purpose in marriage unravels.

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