Is high carbohydrate diet the healthiest diet?

Too much carbohydrates and oils in our diet, while we do less and less physical exercise, is the root cause of the obesity epidemic, so all food is OK as long as one eat modest portions and not grow overweight/obese.

Our body is very well adapted to burning carbs, fats, proteins (which we should primary see as building blocks of new muscle and other tissue protein), so no, no preference, they're all interlinked anyway

What moment in your life made you change yourself and leave your old ways to pursue the life you knew you needed in order to be happy? What event happened to make you realize this? And what change had to be made?

Three events happened that helped me get on the right road:First- it was 1978, I was 24 and had spent 3.5 years of pre-med, studying to be a doctor. While in the lab, my eye caught a little window, on a fire escape door. Through it, I could see a tree

What's your favorite Pink Floyd song (just one single song) that is not on Dark Side of the Moon, nor on The Wall?

A2A. ‘sup, Stefan? :-)Shine on You Crazy Diamond (all 10 parts, of course). All of Wish You Were Here is absolutely fantastic, but this is the cream of the crop. Discovered this album in my teens (I'll be 48 next week), and I still listen to it at least once a month or so.Oh, and one of

What is the beauty secret of Punjabi's?

Well, I believe that everyone is beautiful. It depends on the viewer, as they say Beauty is in the eye of beholder. As specifically for Punjabis, I am one, and here's the secret ;)Climate of Punjab promotes fair complexion. Over the time, this has entered the