Is homosexuality nature's way of population control?

I am a gay man, and I am not offended by your question. I actually do have a hunch that gay people are not accidents or mistakes at all, but rather are part of the vast fabric of life that Nature weaves... with her own imperatives and rules that may not be apparent- or even palatable-- to average human tastes and ken.

I am convinced that things start to happen when people live in over-crowded cities. Most Americans, for example, now live in urban, not rural, environments. For one thing, competition- for food, space, reproductive opportunities-- becomes tougher. Human violence definitely increases when humans are too crowded together in too small a space. Yet we are primates, who value cooperation and comity in order to survive. Given this dilemma, it surprises me not one whit that Nature might start engineering an increase in homosexual offspring of the species...

I'm also very intrigued by the work of Dr. John Calhoun in the 1960's: He created an environment for his lab rats, a large caged area, from which they could not escape. But he gave them a "utopic" environment, ensuring that the mice had every comfort and supply they could ever possibly want... No scarcity, no privations, no predators, no inclement temperatures, etc. They were given all the food, water, sleep, safety and mating opportunities they might want.

For a while, the mice enjoyed a real utopia... with little violence/sparring/attacks amongst the mice, because they had adequate space. But as time went on, the mice bred, and ended up overpopulating their (caged-in) environment.

In that increasingly tense and dangerous environment, a strange phenomenon emerged: the rise of the so-called "Beautiful Ones". These were mice who no longer displayed any interest in mating... they did not interact with the rest of the mouse population, and they spent all their time simply grooming themselves in peace.

My point is: as mammal tribes overpopulate, Mother Nature does indeed step in and increase various kinds of "aberrations" or "deviations" from seeming norms in order to decrease violence and prevent famine and want.

It would not surprise me in the least to think that modern gay people are part of Nature's plan to reduce aggression... war... famine... desperate competition.

Watch this short video on Dr. Calhoun's experiment:

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