Is human cloning real?

Certainly. Check out any pair of identical twins.

Now, if you meant artificially, it is hypothetically possible, although it's unknown whether the clone would be healthy and live normally. After Dolly the sheep made headlines most countries preemptively outlawed trying it with humans.

Thus far nobody has gone public with a successful attempt and would likely face recrimination from the scientific community if they did - the ethical concerns here are very serious.

Can CRISPR treat depression?

Anupam's answer is spot on; if and until we find genes that cause depression, the answer is no. However, hope is not lost for mental/complex disorders. Using CRISPR, multiple gRNAs can make multiple cuts to multiple genes simultaneously. This ability is revolutionary and vital for treatment of most psychiatric disorders. The creator of CRISPR Feng Zhang has

Best Take That song?

1. Pray2. Back for good3. The flood4. Greatest day5. Never forget6. Relight the fire7. Giants8. New day9. The garden10. Get ready for it⋯and so onAnd I think Gary Barlow is amazing.

What's it like to have social anxiety disorder?

I'm 23 and I've had social anxiety just about my entire life.I've always been hyper conscious of my behavior and am always worried I'm making mistakes, my strategy was to try to look as invisible as possible. Life is always like watching people