Is indoor rowing a good workout?

Of course, indoor rowing is a good workout. But, as I have referenced before, you have to know how to optimize the machine. Very few health-club staff people understand rowing. So, people just flail away on the machines. Rowing, whether on the water, or on a C2 or equivalent is a high-technique sport. There are four elements to the stroke: catch; drive; the release (recovery) and slide. The drive is the power-portion. Keep your knees together! This is not a Lamaze course! You are not birthing a baby! The finish of the drive should end at your mid-riff, with your upper body at about a 15-degree offset. Here's the magic: the slide needs to be much slower than the drive. It's at least a 2:1 ratio. If you are an Olympian it might be 1.5:1. But you are not.

Should I base my diet/exercise after my favorite fit-celebrity?

Probably not.There's a good chance that this celebrity is a paid shill and/or doesn't know what they're talking about. Yes, he or she may look good but there are many other factors to consider. Genetics, for example, will always play a major

How to know if you are skinny fat

When you look in the mirror you will see muffin tops, and overall, your body will tend to sag a lot, not have that athlete look, no signs of any muscles. Guys can have small boobs, or a pot belly. Or, nearly all the fat can be internal, around your organs.

What is a good, simple daily health habit that has strongly improved your health?

I will share with you some health tips which I follow regularly and has made huge impact on my health and fitness. Besides, I will give you reason for why you should follow these tips, the related benefits and important aspects related to it.It will be quite difficult to follow them all