Is it OK to regularly meet someone who's in love with you while in a relationship with someone else?

Heres some experience ive had with a similar situation. I was stationed in South Korea and i met a girl who was engaged to a guy back staeside. Me and this girl got pretty close, we ate together almost every day, every weekend we whould watch movies at night, and we generally spent alot of time together (it even cut into my gym time). When we'd watch movies sometimes we'd cuddle up for a bit or end up wrestling, but if it ever got going a little to far she'd stop it. We never kissed, never had sex, and the cuddling never really got to heavy. Now i wasnt in love with this girl but, hey a twenty-three year old guy is going to have some passion with a girl he spends a lot of time with. For us it was ok because we knew where the line was, and there was enough respect for each other that the relationship she had wasnt in danger. (We'll she knew where the line was and she wouldn't let me cross it no matter how "charming" i chould be)

Been on the opposite end of this one. As has been mentioned, if your partner knows the situation and is ok with it/trusts you, and if the person in love with you is happy to be friendzoned then yes it is ok. If not then no. And you risk leading on that person by being ok with it yourself. You risk them being overahelmed and pushing the issue. And overall, you risk your current relationship which you sound like you are happy in. Hurt feelings all round. Is it such a close friendship that you need to keep meeting this person? Can you not just call it and be done with it? Instead of thinking about what validation you get from these meetings think about them from the perspective of your partner and this person with feelings.

Does the person you are in a relationship with, know that you two are meeting? Do they know that this other person is in love with you? Does the person who is in love with you, know that you are in a relationship? Have they agreed to respect your relationship and not express their feelings of love to you? Are you absolutely sure that you do not return any feelings of romantic love for them?

If your answer to ANY of these questions was "No", then NO it is NOT OKAY.

A2A If it were actually OK, you would not be asking the question. You have already decided it is not ok, and you are looking for other people to change your mind about it. Which could possibly happen, but it won't be honest.

Asking the question, is your answer.

Have you ever found out that someone you were close to was living a double life?

Reminds me of my first girlfriend. She invited me to a show out of town, so I travelled there and looked around while waiting for her to show up.Three and a half hours later I notice her walking, fingers entwined with another guy and I realised she had double dated and forgot to tell

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