Is it bad to consider someone an older sister despite no blood relationship?

I have an older sister and a younger one neither of whom are blood relatives. Both are invaluable in my life and both I would put my life eon the line to defend, so it is not bad at all. Family is what you make of it and that is not just related to two legged humans, once when I was very upset a cat cuddled my face and that cuddle was just what I needed and once when I was delivering newspapers I saw a pit bull curled up around a small baby, who was snuggled up against the pit bull. What I can guarantee is that PitBull had better maternal instincts than a lot of people I have met.

Are there any Singaporeans working at NASA?

I'm unsure about any people of Singaporean (i.e. Chinese / Malay / Indian or some combination thereof) ancestry at NASA, but a quick search of NASA sites did find an American who was born in Singapore and now works at NASA: Dustin Hitt of NASA-Langley.

Why doesn't Tony Stark (Iron Man) like to be handed things?

Agent Carter fleshed this out in the final episode. Basically both Howard and Tony have OCD tendencies, most geniuses do. But Tony has a LOT of psychological issues at play.In Howard's case it was displayed with humor, that his gadgets were not stored

Do the Sun and the planets all orbit around earth?

The Matter is A rateThe Motion is RelativeLet's provide some interesting ideas to extend our thinkingCopernicus-Kepler Model Modification:1-The sun is on the vertical level relative to the Earth.2All solar planets are found on the horizontal level relative to the Earth3The Sun is higher