Is it bad to sleep at 2am and wake up at 10?

Yes. Of course its bad. Your Biological Clock circadian Rhythm will get altered. So better to sleep by 11pm and woke up at 5am

p.s. night shift

Going away from your natural sleep cycle is dangerous (it's correlated with obesity, heart disease, and once a year when the clocks change so people have to get up earlier for work? There's a bunch of heart attacks).

Adhering to your natural sleep cycle is the best thing for you - but it's generally incompatible with modern post-industrial society.

If you get the chance, try an experiment. Sleep when you're tired - and not before - and wake up when you want to - and not before - for two or three weeks.

See if you think more clearly - that's the biggest clue. If you don't feel tired, foggy, find it hard to concentrate - and that's better than a 9 to 5 schedule, you may be one of the 20% of the general population who is a night owl. (And if you live on one of the coasts of the USA, your likelihood of being one goes up to 40%).

Well, it would depend upon difference in quality of sleep you would get while sleeping between usual hours and late hours .

There is a reason why Aryuveda and Yoga stresses too much upon the time around sunrise when minds is still and in best state to practise stillness . In my personal experience, I got into habit of sleeping between 2am- 9am during my uni days . I feel like that sleep quality wasn't great between 6am - 9am when the world wakes up and noises impact REM state of sleep - one of the most critical cycle . That definitely impacted my ability to memorise.

I also feel that staying up late in night leads to more pessimistic and negative thoughts whereas waking up in morning does quite opposite. This is totally my personal experience.

But then its all about call of duty and personal preference. I still try to hit bed by 9pm but it's not always feasible .

If you are getting between 8 and 9 hours of (preferably unbroken) sleep out of 24, then it's as good as any other time. This is especially true if you set a fixed time for going to bed, and try to stick to it. It certainly won't damage your health.

No, as long as you get 8 hours. Everyone has a preferred time to go to bed, so this is fine.

Sleep is so very important and many people don't realize this. I had a seizure due to lack of sleep and it was awful.

Sweet Dreams

Yes, it's bad for your health. It's better to sleep by 10 pm to 5 am. Try to sleep as early as you can. Have your dinner at least one hour early to bed. Our body need around one hour for digestion process at night. At night our body metabolic activities are reduced at minimum, so it's the better time for sleep deeply.

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