Is it better to die happy or live in regret?

The question might indicate that being in regret assures life. It also doesn't specify what the level or type of regret needs to be. So one might find any regret, no matter how menial or trivial to satisfy the condition of living in regret. Further, per the question, the implication is that immortality would be allowed via living in a constant state of regret. So one need only claim a regret, "I regret not having winds to fly like a bird" " I regret not living in Buckingham Palace" and thus I will live in regret eternally. Nor does the question state that the person living eternally in regret may not enjoy an endless range of life's pleasures. One can travel, have a family, thrive in any way, so long as one maintains a single regret to live with.

Much, much better to die happy!! I would be surprised if any person could live an entire lifetime with no regrets. But to "live in regret" is a waste of a life.

It is better to accept that we are not perfect beings and are all subject to making mistakes and experiencing regret. But at some point in time it is best to stop regretting, forgive yourself and move on with your life and to try to avoid significantly regrettable actions in the future.

Focus on being a good, positive, helpful and useful person as much as possible...PLEASE!!!

It is bettter is so precious ND if we are alive so we have a chance to correct the things wrong that done in the past ...we can get out of this regret .

After death there is no possibility but better to die happy .when we have no regrets

Living in regret is more a self-imposed death than death itself. Happiness is the eternal state and birthright of life.

Sadly, it is usually the other way around. Happy people simply live longer, while those with regrets often die alone and miserable.

Die happy, it represents that you have done the right thing in life and has completed everything and would like to move on to the afterlife, heaven

Die happy but I am living in regret , I don't know why , it kill every day .

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