Is it better to major in computer science or computer engineering? Which requires more math? And is it better to major in computer science/engineering, or in economics?

I will give you a slightly different picture from a work experience perspective.
There are two common approach in the US. In a lot of universities they combine Electrical and Computer engineering together and keep the "computer science" as a separate major, while other combine all three together. Both approach makes sense. A computer engineer according to the first method, is also an electrical engineer in a nutshell but has specialization in computer hardware and software. Electrical engineering  on the other hand is very vast, where computer engineering is a greater sub-division. An electrical engineer with a specialization in computer engineering subjects, can do the job of a computer engineer i.e writing codes in both low or high level languages, designing or debugging embedded (hardware & software) system etc. On the other hand, a typical computer science major can code in Java, SQL, HTML, C/C++  etc and can study AI, ML but may not have much training on the hardware and electronics side which a computer engineer might have. But electrical/computer engineers can also take classes in AI, ML etc depending on universities and curriculum. Now-a-days an electrical engineer might also be required to write code in JavaScript for automation which is more of a CS thing. What I am trying to say is, all these sectors are integrated now-a-days. A lot of things between these majors now overlap.

About the math part, both computer engineering and computer science need math skills in calculus, multi-variable calculus, probability and stochastic process, linear algebra, discrete math etc etc. ECE people (Electrical and Computer engineering major) on top of that,  need to understand Laplace transformation and Fourier analysis even more as pre-req. for the fundamentals of electrical and digital classes.
What is the best way to get older Realtors to use newer technology?

I am regularly asked to discuss technology with agents in our office and find that many of the agents who have been around awhile are afraid of change. Unfortunatley most of these agents see their businesses fade away. Also, many people use the term "Technology" as

Have you ever beaten Apple, Google or Microsoft in business?

My startup actually beat both Apple and Microsoft in the same deal.In 1993, Motorola (then GI) was building the first digital set-top box. They wanted Apple or Microsoft to deliver the OS and GUI. When we approached GI, they saw what we had done on the Amiga (5M sold of our multimedia software) and they

Who will win: Thanos, Avengers or Galactus?

Ohh Galactus easily beats thanos and avengers combined.He is basically as powerful as a Celestial when mid or full fed. And is too much for thanos or even avenger combined. This fight already happened not once were avengers able to defeat him with strength or number. They won cuz of plot armour aka Ultimate nullifier.