Is it better to watch others play video games or to play video games?

It is not a matter of "better or worse".

People like to watch a lot of things. I love watching Football for example but I can't play Football at all. Even if I did where would I find a football stadium to play in and a lot of people that want to play with me?

With video-games things are different though.

Whenever I watch someone playing I get the urge to play. I can't watch them for more than 20 minutes without thinking why I'm not playing myself.

The only exception here is when they play a game I don't have, so I watch them to see if the game is actually worth buying.

Still a lot of people actually love to watch more than playing and there are many different reasons for that.

-Too tired to play

-Not owing a good pc

-Not owing the specific game

-Not owing a specific console

-Want to watch someone far better for entertainment or personal improvement

and a lot more.

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