Is it customary in the United States to tip when picking up carry out food from a restaurant?


Even the people who argue that they packaged it and "got it ready for you", they are selling you a product and that is FOOD. Should you tip the person who puts cereal in boxes, or pours milk into cartons?

Yes, they had to package the food up, but it's not like that was an option - they put the food in a to go container because how else do they sell food to you? No one brought you food on a plate, no one filled your drinks. no one delivered anything to your house. You already pay the premium on buying prepared and cooked food, why should you have to pay to pick it up yourself?

Tipping has gotten ridiculous, to the point of carryout only restaurants providing tip jars - their job is making food and selling food. If you start to tip carry out orders, might as well start tipping baggers at the grocery store.

These are relatively low income people and everyone appreciates any kind of bonus. They still have to work to prepare, package, and bring the food to you. some servers only take care of the carryout counter. In many establishments people share tips, including dishwashers, cooks and bar tenders.

What are some recipes you can make with canned cream of mushroom soup?

It's been ages since I've even looked at a can of mushroom soup. I'm enough of a food snob to saute mushrooms and mix them with a thick bechamel instead of canned soup, but either way works.You can make a classic green bean casserole, if I recall

Which is the best Fast Food Restaurant in Ahmedabad?

I have been to many Restaurant and according to my test This Restaurant Call CRAFTED SPOON at Prahlad nagar has the best Presentation and test.

Which is the best place to eat pizza in Nagpur?

The Pizza Hut at Abhyankar Nagar stretch is nice place to dig into exotica.Also the Dominos at Mate Square makes a lovely place too. Shall I say there is PIzza Time opposite to Dominos here that too has exquisite variety and really good taste. Sorry Dominos, but dont worry no one can beat