Is it dangerous to travel to a foreign country?

The answer is a simple no. Just check out this Vlogs at to see how much fun people are having travelling all around the globe. Even if you are staying at your own place risk of getting robbed or mugged or god forbid murdered are present. With that said you can never be too cautious so be careful while visiting foreign countries. If you are going to a country whose language you don't know it may trouble you a bit. Also since it is a foreign country chances of getting lost are high too so, try to take a guide or the hotels number and exact address. Nonetheless it is no reason not to travel to any foreign countries assuming the trip might be dangerous.

Hmm... I shall answer this question with,

you must be a True blue Singaporean. . Let's be honest bro . No hate here. But Singaporean are living in a bubble. Everywhere in the world is dangerous. You just got to be street smart and not walk at those places that are dangerous m. Don't show off. Your valuables and stuff like that. For good measure, learn some martial arts bro. MMA sounds good. The day u do not worry about getting hurt, you will no longer be afraid of lil things.

No, it is not.

If you do good and thorough research online and find enough information about a foreign country you wish to travel, you would learn the truth.

It is possible that you would feel safer in a foreign country (e.g. Costa Rica, Madagascar, or Australia) than you do in your home country (e.g. United States).

Yeah. It is dangerous for any one. You are unknown of this place. Are you really interested to traveling foreign. You should know to this places very well for your guideline. Your guide line help to visit and traveling time. Are you want to more information about topics so steady on google.

I think this depends on the country you're looking to travel to, and the demographic you fall under. Do your research about the country, the culture, and if you can, bring a friend. I always try to travel with my sister. I'm 5′ and she's 5′1, so really, she's not "extra muscle" or anything but I do feel much safer with her around.

Do Indian Kashmiris need visa to visit POK?

Firstly, to visit Pakistan an Indian must obtain a visa depinding on his reason to visit the nation (business, tourism, education).This visa will permit the individual to travel to only certain parts if the country and the port of entry, if by air is limited

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I seriously do not understand why is people wanting to go to one of the most dangerous cities in the whole world. 400+ murders IN DECEMBER ONLY but oh well.I seriously suggest that if there isn't an "unable to reject" reason to visit Caracas that you look somewhere

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