Is it effective to work out after meals? What is the best time gap to workout after a meal?

There's no one size fits all answer to this. The same applies to swimming after a meal. The difference lies in the climate you are in. Cold weather burns more fat. Hot weather causes more evaporation. Preparing for hot weather muscle building takes a great deal of nutritional planning. My advice is to thoroughly hydrate your muscles in hot weather before exercising. Yams are especially useful for retaining body fluids. Some grains are as well. I also like seasonal dried fruits. There is, however, a rule I follow. It's especially important to limit fats and oils during the summer months. The added heat of summer allows any difficult fats that are stored in the body to more easily break down for energy.

How does one deal with a marriage partner that exaggerates health issues to avoid contributing to the marriage?

Hello thereThank you for the opportunity to respond.This is a tough one to answer. It will depend in the seriousness of the health issues.I am going to respond hypothetically as if the health issues are not serious. If a person uses their health to get attention, it is an indication that the person is using their health as

What is the best time to lift weights after eating protein?

According to the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition), blood amino acid levels will peak around an hour after ingesting a fast digesting, high quality protein source (whey, eggs, or meat). They also recommend some sort of carbohydrate during this meal.The protein intake recommendation is approximately .5g/kg of lean body mass, while the carbohydrate

What's worse, watching TV or playing video games?

Doing either to the detriment of important parts of your life.Neither is objectively bad. You can become a couch potato by doing either or both in excess. You can become a worthless slob without doing either. Nothing's bad about doing an entertaining pastime. What's bad is losing too much