Is it even humanly possible to do 100 legitimate push-ups and 100 sit-ups within 2 minutes?

Almost 10 years ago during my Army days I followed a push-up program that maximized volume for two weeks with a good base starting point. This program literally had me dropping at set intervals daily for two weeks and doing a ridiculous amount of push-ups. For example one day I would do 20 push ups every 20 minutes, the next 50 push-ups every hour. I got the program out of Muscle Media magazine and created a spread sheet which would take my starting max and then compile the program. I would work out normally most of the time, but two weeks prior to the APFT I would switch to this program for upper body work. My best ever on an APFT was 114. This was over ten years ago and unfortunately I no longer have this program a google search might turn up something though.

As for sit ups I did over 100 on a couple of APFT's getting to that level didn't involve doing a bunch of sit-ups so much as just doing a lot of ab work.

I can't come anywhere near 100 on either of those now but strangely enough I can break a 13:00 two mile now which I never could during my Army days.
Why do daddy long legs have such long legs?

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