Is it good or bad for the health to take protein powder as a supplement for bodybuilding?

Its good to add some extra protein into your diet given that you are not facing any problems like high uric acid or liver/kidney dysfunctioning. Also, protein powder should be used as a supplement only and not as a dietary replacement. Try to consume protein most from natural sources. 2 scoops of protein are more than enough. Beware of duplicacy though. Buy genuine product of a reputed brand. Good Luck !

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Why do I wish my therapist had OCD?

The answer to this is because your ignorant.I'm sure you're not an evil person so I'm assuming you don't have any clue how horrible OCD is. I had it growing up. I was deathly afraid of germs. I'd shower 5+ times a day, taking one every time I went out. I'd wash my

What exercises could I do to make push-ups easier for me?

I notice that most of these answers, apart from the excellent answer by Mansour Ansari, focus on isolating various portions of the push-up. This is certainly a valid approach.However, a full push-up is a very demanding movement. You're pushing the majority of your body weight, and for a beginner this is often less than ideal - imagine trying to

What causes calf pain after exercise?

Sounds like a cramp or often called a 'Charlie horse' in the U.S.   Common cause among athletes is believed to be fatigue and dehydration, or perhaps inadequate training and preparation for the event or weather conditions. So prevention might include drinking more water before and during long sports events or workouts. During marathons