Is it legal for adults to marry children in the US?

Yes indeed. Varies by state, but 16 states have no minimum age requirement.

From 2000–2015, 200,000 child marriages were performed with the majority of them being girls married to adult males.

In 2001, three, ten year old girls were married to men, ranging in age from 24–31.

Yes, child marrige is alive and well in the good old USA.

Which is the birthplace of Aryabhatta?

Google search is the best option or else go to Wikipedia and find your answer.If you still not able to find then follow Aryabhata - Wikipedia .Aryabhatiya , a Sanskrit astronomical treatise says that Aryabhata called himself a

What is it like for a straight woman to be in love with a gay man?

Extraordinarily painful. I met a man in college - attractive, hilarious, smart, witty, caring.... We became good friends quickly. My senior year, I started the year off with my very first (and very bad) breakup. This man had become my best friend over the past two years. He was there for

Do 50 year old men think differently than 25 year old men?

Question : Do fifty year old men think differently then 25 year old men?Answer: I am 51 years old. I remember being 25. At 25 I didn't think much about being 50, I was concerned about the present only. I was 4 years into a marriage I thought would last