Is it normal that sometimes you get bored or feel no excitement for the person you love?


It is normal that you get bored with someone but in case of love in my opinion it is not apt or I may say that it is not love because as long as your partner gives you happiness you feel love but when the person fails to do so because of their circumstances you start feeling bored.

You are taking happiness. You are not giving anything not even your understandings. Friend, love is not about taking, it is about giving. When you give, you feel happiness.

Dear, I have no intention to offend you. My purpose is to tell you that love is the purest feeling. Love is about understanding rather than asking. It is about accepting the person with all their flaws without getting bored with that person.

If you truly call it love for your partner first try to figure out why exactly you are being bored. Is he/she going through some tough time or anything else and then accept.

Thanks for reading.

Have a nice time ahead!

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