Is it normal to feel guilty after breaking up with someone?

Yes, it's normal.

  • If you're the person who dumped someone, and you care about them, you naturally feel guilty for the pain you've just caused them. The only way you don't feel guilty about that, is if you didn't care for them at all, in which case you should feel guilty about being a bad person who was playing with someone else's feelings.
  • If you're the person who got dumped, you may feel guilty about not being a good enough partner for the other person, not providing what they needed, not trying hard enough etc.

How to get stamina for dancing

When I had to develop stamina for long (15 hours) endurance races, I learned several lessons about my body which I now use for all my life activities:I had to learn what my maximum Heart Rate was. I used a HR monitor and advice from a Doctor on how to reach and measure max HRWhen I

How would you feel if your boyfriend's daughter calls you mom or step mom even though you're not married?

If you are planning to stick around and do the decent thing by her then why not? If on the other hand you are in a temporary thing you should probably gently dissuade her, although if you are a temporary thing, what the hell is your