Is it ok not to know everything?

It's definitely okay. Or more specifically, it's good not to know everything, but to know that you'll learn something cool or new with each day that comes.

"Everything" is infinite. "Everything" describes a never-ending universe one can not possibly travel. And so it's impossible for a person to know simply everything, and normal for one not to-but to still be curious about the infinite things he or she has yet to discover in life.

Yeah. Since everything is very easy to know, especially nowadays that information is widely available in everyone's pockets, it seems very much ok that everyone knows everything.

The world is a much better place when everyone has access to the same information. But then comes someone like the questioner here, so bored of everything that he/she already knows that now they want a justification of being normal swimming around Tera Tera Tera Tera bytea of information. Then another bored person like myself gives the question some legitimacy and wastes micro micro micro joules of energy thinking about and answering.

On second thoughts... If "knowing everything" makes life so boring and useless I guess it's safer if we said that No.... Knowing everything is not ok.

It is more than ok, it is a virtue of existence. Omni-heuristics is just an unproven theory, besides, the weight of total knowledge would be unbearable for one to carry. Not to know every thing, allow us the magic process of search: through a book, a music opus, a television series, a human kiss, etc. That's our greatest treasure: the prerogative to search and, alas, to find.

Very much so. It's impossible anyway. I used to be quite the know-it-all simply because I loved to collect knowledge and facts.

When I started focusing on just what I love and enjoy, I began to realise that while the pursuit of knowledge is never wrong, it's okay not to know everything and even not to want to know everything.

I feel more knowledgeable now than before.

No. You must know EVERYTHING.. this means every line of every movie or show that has ever existed, as well as every prime number and the name of every person on earth .. at least to begin...

If you dont... its not OK...

ok, actually, the only thing that knows anywhere near everything is the Internet. Nothing else on earth comes close.

And its ok if it doesnt know something.. that usually just means that it doesnt exist..

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