Is it ok to sleep in a wet adult diaper all night?

That depends on what diapers your wearing. The cheap medical brand junk you buy in the store or that the insurance company provides probably not going to comfortable at all. If you get a good quality thick one that you can wet 3 or more times. yes, I do it all the time. I put on a Dry24/7 or a Northshore Megamax, or BetterDry diaper, and with in an hour or so after going to bed I wet it. I wake up about 4 or 5 AM as I am wetting again and drift right back to sleep. When I get up in the morning my diaper is very wet and heavy, but I am not uncomfortable. These diapers are designed to hold a lot and lock it away from your skin. So it just depends on what diaper you are wearing. Speaking of "Depends" they don't work that well. I avoid them.

Could a Tesla Model S drive itself using AutoPilot on a moonless night without headlights?

It's not an autonomous car. It just steers following the street and some extra functions, when asked. So, first answer is no. It doesn't drive itself without human supervision and input.Anyway.With the new update, Teslas autopilot works relying more than

How much does it cost to register a used car that you bought out of state?

Each state has different fees and rules so it will depends on what state you're registering it in and the price you paid for the car. You also may have separate fees for licensing and registration. In California, I assume it is around 10% of the sale price, based off of a

What is the best way of advertising locally in India?

One way is through Digital Marketing!Yes, it is a good way of reaching your audience in local area without burning your pocket.And under digital marketing, you can best go for Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, Google ads & Email Marketing.You can measure results like