Is it okay to do the same workout routine every alternate day like biceps and triceps on one day, chest, back, and shoulders on the next, then biceps again?

It is ok but you appear to be placing too much focus on small muscles. I don't your muscles are small, I wouldn't have any way of knowing that but the bicep is almost certainly one of the most overworked muscles by novice, male trainees. Think day 1 squats as your core activity, bench/upper day 2, day 3 deadlift, day 4 upper again, then squats again on day 5. In truth, you can do biceps towards the end of ebvery workout, of you like (say 3–4 times/week) . Just focus on a core exercise each day then add on supporting exercises.

Is borderline personality disorder a serious mental illness?

As a psychiatrist, I would without hesitation characterize borderline personality disorder as a serious mental illness -- perhaps even the most serious of all mental illnesses. Why? Whereas symptoms of other very serious disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, can be substantially improved with medication, personality

I love someone a lot but I can't marry him, what should I do?

you did not provide explanation of why you cannot marry him, so it is hard to judge what to do. If there are no social barriers to you dating, you don't have to marry to have a meaningful relationship. share a life, expenses, go on trips together, and live as if you were