Is it okay to go to the gym early in the morning without eating anything?

Good to hear from another AM workout comrade.

The short answer is, Yes! It is indeed okay. You'll survive and get results. I'm a testament to that. I've been working out at 5am for the last 5 years and until very recently did not eat before going to the gym.

Now - please note - this suits me and my body. You'll need to monitor your own. If you make it through the workout routine without any ill effects (light headed, very low energy, easily fatigued) your on the right track.

Of course research has demonstrated that early AM workouts are not ideal. But this is real life - nothing is ideal. And if the choice is to workout in the AM or not at all - that 5am session wins by a mile.

So give it a go - watch your energy, your weight, etc. If you think you need a few calories before the gym (even if its only on a day you have a big session planned) i suggest a Banana or a sports drink. Get a nice shot of carbs - and you'll likely be good to go.


All of this pre-supposes that you'll eat a very good meal immediately post training. So you should not workout on an empty stomach, then shower, coffee and off to work and not eat for 3 hours. That bad - don't do it!

Make the time to come home, drink a shake or some chocolate milk, then eat a nice big breakfast with lots of protein and carbs. I eat the same thing everyday - an egg omelette of 2 eggs and 2 servings of egg whites. There is mushroom and spinach in the omelette. Then I have at least two slices of toast and usually a bowl of oatmeal. Top it off with a small apple that i'll eat on the way to work or when I get there.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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