Is it okay to have a gap of 2 years without work experience for doing an MBA?

You would have to justify the two years in a solid manner. If it's not work and something productive or life changing then MBA schools may see that as a positive or neutral. However, they would be nervous about taking someone who skipped two crucial years. The trick is how you write that in your application.

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How to deal with a wife and teenage daughter who can't get along

You support your wife and get counseling. This is important to split and divide. Your wife comes first. Get together and work on how to approach her. Do not play Mr. middle man. This is a solvable problem. I see many fathers making this error and you can cause a lot of problems. Your wife is your

Is it unhealthy to sleep for over 12 hours?

Downright dangerous to spend that many hours in bed.  4 hours is ample for many people and 8 hours is a modern addition. Back a few hundred years or so sleeping was split into segments and wakeful hours were occupied by activity. Back even further and sleep

How to stop worrying about getting older and turning 20

I'm 34 now. I had some of the same worries in my 20's - that turning 30 would be a major change of life, that I wouldn't be found attractive as I got older, stuff like that. Life changes, but you only have to change so much