Is it possible for a cellular phone to be cloned?

  1. Did you mean the content of your phone? For this, the answer is yes. For iPhone all I have to do is make a backup of my phone to a PC/ iCloud, and just restore it to another iPhone. I will have 2 or 3 or 4 different iPhones with the exact same content. What happen next is another story. It only duplicate up till the backup point. After that each device would have different future.
  2. Did you mean your phone number? As if you receive a call here and the clone will also receive the same call? The answer is Yes and No. Yes it can but No you can't do it on your own. It can only be done by your cellular provider, but I doubt that they will allow it. Every time you ask for a new SIM card, they will deactivate your number on your SIM card to make sure that your number will only work on one SIM card at a time.

Why are some people afraid of driving?

→Why are some people afraid of driving?I know some people who have never driven a car before because they're scared of being behind the wheel. And I also know a few people who actually have a driver's license but they choose to not drive. Why is this?Because they have common

Can ugly people be charismatic?

Of course they can be. Charisma isn't a physical trait. You can be old, pot bellied and have laugh like a conniving hyena like a fictional character called Jim Rennie from Stephen King's 'Under the Dome', and still be the most charismatic liar ever because

Which phone which photo?

I'm not going to venture a guess, but I'll give some ammunition to those who want to do so.Cell phone makers, like any purveyors of camera equipment, list among their specifications the size of their sensors and the focal length of