Is it possible that LGBT group will soon be convicted in Indonesia?

I am in denial about this for some months, but after reading this, i realize that sooner, or later, that LGBT will soon be criminalized in my lovely nation.

This issue was started to divert from the real important issues. Indonesia is a conservative society, and conservative people are united against something that they don't like. All religions, religious figures in Indonesia have said that LGBT is "an illness" some months back.

I am at the same time, angry, at the person who brought up this issue. This issue has divided us. To me, we shouldn't have been talking about this issue in the first place. BTW, the person who brought up this issue was someone from the Education ministry, who said that LGBT activities in campuses, universities be banned. This issue was then picked up by the media, and amplified it. Blew it out of proportion.

This case is now in in progress in constitutional court. brought by Aliansi Cinta Keluarga, a group of "academics" who seek to outlaw sex outside marriage, requesting the redefinition of rape, sodomy, and ban same sex relationship.

If the judges accept on of the 3 cases, most likely targeting LGBT, i don't know what will happen. There are more serious crimes other than this, like corruption. Why don't they chase after that? This is why we can't have nice things... We are chasing this trivial issue, that won't even affect our society.

I don't know when they will make the decision on the 3 cases. They are also listening to all of the 3 cases. Guess will have to keep an eye on the news.

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