Is it possible to build a house in 3 days?

This answer depends a lot on how you define a house. For example here in PA the Amish can build a barn in one day. It takes about 80 men and about 10 hours. With enough manpower a house can be built in 3 days. When Levittown was being built it was done like a mass production type of project and after it was all done the average build time for each unit worked out to be 12 minutes.
Not a normal American house (or Korean or Chinese or European). But a prefabricated house on, say driven pilings or in a place where a concrete foundation is not needed, yes. A standard house needs time for concrete to set, then later for paint to dry. Also, various building trades get in each other's way.
What was your biggest LOL moment?

So, me and my 3 best friend(A,B,C) decided to watch a movie on a weekend , in a cinema hall. One of us lives on the opposite side of the mall where we were supposed to meet. So me and A and B reached there on time and called C to ask where he was. C, being late

Can a businessman become a prime minister?

Indeed, he can! As long as he has political-standing and support and wins the majority support of elected Members of Parliament in the national elections. Deep pockets full of money are a significant enabling factor but political support is the key. If Trump,

Hotel maids. What are some of the weirdest things that you found cleaning a room ?

Not all are weird, but guests leave all sorts of things behind. Pornography between the mattress and box spring was very usual before porn became so prevalent on computers. Drugs are often found, some well hidden, others out in the open. When you check in to a room always check the