Is it possible to create a worm hole on earth?

What Are Wormholes?

Many scientists and astronomers believe that wormholes are real. Many things in astrophysics and theoretical physics have never been discovered, but, as they say, "the math works out", meaning that they are possible. It is believed that if wormholes do exist, they are the result of a primordial microscopic wormhole that was expanded at the beginning of the universe, directly following the Big Bang.

Popular fiction and Hollywood seem to be obsessed with space and time. From recent blockbuster smashes like Interstellar and The Martian to the recent surge of incredible discoveries in our galaxy and beyond, all eyes seem to be on the vast ocean of space. While our search to understand the cosmos will never be finished, there are some puzzling propositions that have piqued our interest throughout history. One of the most famous examples of this is the idea of wormholes.

Some people refer to them as shortcuts through the universe, while others claim they may be a means of traveling through time. The fact is, they are fascinating and complicated and very confusing for some people, even if they have seen Interstellar.

Still confused? Well, let's take a deeper look at one of the greatest mysteries – and most exciting suppositions – in the entire universe.

The Science of a Wormhole

We have technically already created one. Maybe not the one you are thinking of from the so many Sci-Fi movies but a University in Barcelona created a device that transported magnetic radiation through a "wormhole". Here is a snippet I pulled from an interview.

"This device can transmit the magnetic field from one point in space to another point, through a path that is magnetically invisible," said study co-author Jordi Prat-Camps, a doctoral candidate in physics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain. "From magnetic point of view, this device acts like a wormhole, as if the magnetic field was transferred through an extra special dimension."

This decice didn't transport matter but it could theoretically be done. It would require an immense amount of energy and possibly not be tangible with the amount of energy we have access to. The Barcelona group did provide proof of concept though. Well, kind of.

Technically yes ! Wormholes aren't a natural stellar phenomenon, in other words, we can't find them in space naturally formed; but they can be artificially created. However,creating a wormhole demands an enormous amount of energy that even our whole planet can't produce alike, to open the portal and maintain it from collapsing is impossible in reality,that's why the wormhole theory(wich is the solution on paper for Einstein's equation of relativity) reamains an incertain solution to experience in reality for the time being

Theoretically yes! Practically it is must.

We can't travel to any other solar system without forming a wormhole. Even at light speed we can't reach to the centre of our galaxy so wormhole is must to travel around in the universe however forming a wormhole may require the huge amount of energy and this amount might be as big as more than the total energy being radiated by a galaxy.

This is just my insane theory. Ok?!? Here we go. You need something like the power of a black hole to suck in mass. Once all that mass gets sucked in, it has to go somewhere, so a wormhole gets created, and thru the wormhole, all that mass tunnels thru the wormhole to come out of a white hole somewhere else. This is my crazy and insane theory.

I know I would get a F for my short paragraph but still.

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