Is it possible to get paid playing video games?

Yes it is entirely possible to do so, however you should probably know the reality. Not a lot of these people succeed at doing so. Here are a few examples.

  1. Video game tester: Unfortunately this job is not as easy as it sounds. It requires you to play test the same level over and over to make sure there are zero bugs. If there are, you are expected to be able to reproduce them. There are often far more people willing to test than positions available and I've seen positions that require coding experience.
  2. Reviewer/Blogger: While the aspect of free games seems like it's the way to easy street, this position is not as easy as some would think. Not only do you have to have the right equipment and software (For capturing footage or screenshots), but you also have a mountain of rules to follow. If you hate spoilers, this is not the position you want. They will spoil certain parts of the game so you don't spoil them in your review. In order to be somewhat successful, you need to have the talent to keep getting views to increase your ad revenue in order to get paid.
  3. YouTuber/Let's Player/Streamer: This is a position that seems glamorous, but requires a lot of hard work and initial money to start up. You have quite a bit of equipment to buy, from capture cards to microphone, even a web cam if you so desire. Plus you need money for the console/PC as well as the games. On top of that you are going to need a decent computer that can edit/render videos and stream video if you choose that. You also need the skill to bring in viewers so that you can make money via ad revenue. Not everyone will be the next Markiplier.
  4. Professional gamer: These guys and gals play games like DOTA 2 for cash prizes on teams. You have to be insanely good to qualify and win. The other three options you really just need to be decent at, this one is different, you need massive skills in your game of choice.

The reality is that not everyone will be as rich as PewDiePie or whoever. If you really want to try it, make it a hobby first and don't expect a paycheck, if you get one think of it as a nice bonus. If you are thinking in terms of dollar signs the entire time you are just going to be disappointed and give up.

(Please excuse any errors, I'm half asleep and my phone is conspiring against me xD!

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