Is it possible to lose 20 kgs in 4 months with Zumba and dieting?

Yes it is possible but not very sure you will loose exact 20 kgs. You can loose more than 20 kgs or it can happen you can loose then than 20 kgs. First of all very pleased to hear that you also do Zumba as I have been doing Zumba for last 3 years and it has really worked for me. Try to maintain a proper diet. Do follow the below diet as mentioned.

Diet chart

Early Morning Honey, lemon juice, and warm water

Breakfast -Oatmeal with strawberries or 1 bowl papaya with 3–4 egg whites

Pre-Lunch Green tea

Lunch- Cabbage soup and 100g low-fat yogurt

Post-Lunch 1 peach or 1 orange

Evening Snack Green tea and 2 digestive biscuits

Post Zumba - 1 Cucumber

Dinner 1 bowl of boiled lentils with stir fried French beans, capsicum, and peas with a dash of chopped garlic and 2 pcs of roasted chicken.

For atleaast a month try this diet. If you face any difficulty do come back to me.

Good luck.

Why do a lot of the home exercise equipments end up being thrown away in landfills?

People purchase home exercise equipment in hopes of getting in shape. But having exercise equipment doesn't make people exercise. Exercising is still work.Some home exercise equipment is also faddish. The Health Rider, the Ab Roller, the Thighmaster, the shake weight, the Bowflex, and the Gutbuster were all infomercial

What are the reasons for the abortion of girl child?

Because we live in a male dominant society where it is "believed" that a son will bring laurels to the family while a daughter will somehow be a stigma. It is really unfortunate that even today female infanticide and Prenatal sex discernment is being carried out over a comparatively large part of country.Although

What should I wear while workout?

It's simple. Wear whatever is comfortable. But don't wear anything loose. Wear something thats tight but not way too tight, to keep your body in tact.If you are doing cardio, I will surely recommend compression gear. Nike has some amazing gear. It will really absorb the sweat and in turn cool yiur body. You will