Is it possible to make pet fish food at home?

I used to make it all the time and you can make different recipes for different fish.

The key is the size and texture of the grains of food.

I make it in a dry frying pan. It's quite a simple but time consuming process.

You'll need some bread, some greenery, some vegetables and some protein - usually fish or shrimp.

Basically, one at a time, using a knife, mortar and pestle or grater, you take each of the ingredients, chop grate or grind them into bite sized pieces and dry them out in the frying pan, one at a time.

Get the pan medium hot and just toss in a handful of finely chopped fish, for example.

DO NOT USE ANYTHING THAT HAS BEEN SALTED OR SWEETENED, except the bread, which should the least salty and sugary you can find.

Keep it moving constantly around the pan and scrape up anything that sticks straight away.

When the fish is as dry as you can get it, rub it through a sieve and return the pieces which are too big to the pan and dry them a bit more. Then sieved again.

When you have treated all the ingredients individually in this way - greenery takes some work and can be crumbled rather than sieved - mix them all together and return them to the dry pan to further dry them. Dryness is the key.

Thereafter you should store it in an airtight container, in the fridge with some of those little sachets of deoxygenator and silica-gel.

DO NOT OVERFEED! And make sure you have enough scavengers - bottom feeders, shrimp, snails - to eat any left over.

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