Is it possible to preserve a live human for several hundred years or something and then wake him up again?

At this point in time, the answer is, "No."

So far, experimentally and experientally, humans and animals have survived extended periods of hypothermia. The problem with freezing, is that the water content of each cell expands until the cell explodes. What you thaw out again is incapable of life.

Try it yourself with watermelon skin. It's solid, hard and very sturdy. Freeze it and then let it thaw, it will be limp and floppy.

Long-term hypothermia may be a sustainable option, but it would depend on keeping the body at a very stable temperature and a steady supply of nutrients because the body would have to be treated as currently alive.
How many cameos do you think Stan Lee pre-recorded before his death?

I think they have already recorded Stan Lee cameos for the following upcoming movies:Disney's Captain Marvel and Avengers 4Fox's Once Upon A Deadpool (i.e. PG 13 re-release of Deadpool 2), Dark Phoenix and New MutantsSony's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verseIf I remember right the above-mentioned movies has already finished filming at the

Which are the best Hollywood movies based on real life?

1. Catch Me if You CanLeonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks are major characters in this story based on the life of Frank Abagnale Jr.

What will be the greatest advancement in Technology in the next 10 years?

Not sure about 10 years, but society would jump forward if we could get better batteries or wireless energy transfer.Their are some experimental stuff out their, but it hasn't come to market yet.The changes alone with electric cars, will bring a sufficient impact on the market and in turn in the planet.