Is it possible to tack anyone's cell phone through GPS?

No. It's not possible to "tack" anything "thorough GPS".

The GPS system is transmit only - the GPS satellites don't receive anything from your phone, your car, or any other GPS receiver.

Interestingly - that's why they are called "GPS Receivers" and not "GPS Transceivers" or "GPS Transmitters"

Because they receive only.

To track the position of something, that "thing" needs to receive GPS signals, calculate its position, and then relay that position somewhere else - for example a web site over a cellular network.

You can potentially track someone's GPS through their phone, but not the other way around. As was said, GPS devices are RX-only.

What should I start doing if I want to become a better person?

Among millions of living being,it is a divine desire to become a better person.Such a feeling itself is rewarding. It is appreciable that you are moving through the right path.When one person become better,it is not only beneficial to him but also an asset to the society.

What is next model of Tesla?

The Tesla Semi is slated to start production around the end of 2019, so I presume that's the next one. The Roadster 2 has been announced and there is a prototype. The crossover SUV, the Model Y has been talked about, but not officially announced.

What do you think makes you feel lonely?

The desire of wanting others to feel, to understand or to connect with us is the root of feeling lonely.Rid of the desire and you will need not to feel lonely anymore. But the feeling serve as a purpose telling us we have such desires or expectation in life. Once you have recognization of