Is it possible to track a switched off mobile device?

It depends.

for you? nope.

but for government/mobile carrier? not impossible.

Some phones did/do have special tracking chips that allow sending commands to a "switched off" device (it's still keeping the mobile network barely powered), haven't heard of those used outside of u.s.a. though.

there's an easy solution, use only phones with removable batteries, and remove the battery after shutting down normally, if you're really paranoid then even wrap the phone in tin foil or such...(because they might have a secret tiny battery that lasts for hour(s) hidden somewhere, you never know)

oh, and if someone is claiming to hack into your phone and track you (unless you do X), they're most probably just bluffing...

How quickly can I lose 15 pounds?

It will depend on what you do.If you eat garbage food and go to the gym, it's going to be a very very long time I can tell you that for sure.If you eat food that is supposed to be healthy,

Sport vs Sports, are both correct?

The website of The Guardian, a British newpaper, allows you to select the US or UK editions. Select "US" and the links across the top will include "News" and "Sports". Change the "UK" and the link name changes to "Sport". (Although clicking through the "Sports" link will still take you to a page entitled "Sport". Go,

Does mindfulness practice inhibit creativity?

Not at all. One of my teachers, Zen Master, Therevadan scholar-monk, poet, and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh has been dwelling in constant mindfulness for over 60 years now. In that time, he has written hundreds of poems, several novels, and dozens of very creative spiritual books, all sharing how mindfulness can enhance our lives.To be