Is it possible to visit Myanmar?


You will need a visa if you are American or European.

I have been there 3 years ago and visited some far off regions like the rakhine country that has been in the news a while ago.

People are incredibly friendly. They will always smile and wave back at you.

It is the only country where I have met a lot of people that came back 2, 5 up to 20 times...

When you step in, it is like if you came back in time : no western shops, no advertising or western brands etc...
Where in the world can you go to see that ?

To move around there are lots of jets that go pretty much everywhere for little money.
To move around by car or bus is more difficult as this was/is probably restricted still.

What you should do and why people go there ?
A lot of trekking, meeting extremely nice people, a travel in time to an authentic place as they are very few left on this planet, nature, and ballooning over Bagan at sunrise ... Also lake Inle where fishermen row with one leg, pretty unique.
And much much more...

Quite frankly you should go there soon before it becomes too touristy.
The interesting thing to me is that Anthony Bourdain and Paul Thereaux just loved Myanmar.

Being closed off from the world meant that it was preserved in time.

Also saw a special on French TV5 and they also though the place was wonderful.

None of these 3 had to have a government minder (As used to be standard in  the USSR and China). They went to out of the way places and asked provocative questions.

This proves that it is relatively safe.
There is absolutely no tourist infrastructure.
It is dirt cheap.

There was some obnoxious French anthropologist who was openly critical of the government for having restored ancient monuments, but used modern bricks.
If they put up with him they will put up with you.
I live near a mid-sized US city with a significant Burmese population so I have some knowledge of this.

Yes, you can go, you do need a tourist visa or a work visa for your travels to the country if you are an American and there many regulations in place on what you can and cannot do while you are in the country. It would be wise to check to the US State Department's web site before you travel to the country.

Also, given Burma/Myanmar's significant opium trade and its government's rather lackluster performance in reducing or eliminating it, you can expect that when you do return from the country that you and your luggage will receive "extra scrutiny" from customs officials.
Depends on your nationality. If you are a Cambodian, Filipino, Indonesian or Laotian, you won't need a visa. If not, you will definitely need one. (By the way, the first part of this question doesn't make sense. lol ) As long as you are not in military's black list or infamous (in their point of view) journalist, you can just visit there anytime.
For all tourist visa information look at the Travel Information Manual published by IATA
As an American, I simply lodged my visa online, paid the fee, and had it sent via email within a week's time.

I found Myanmar absolutely remarkable and wrote about my trip on my blog-
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