Is it possible to work an hour every day and earn Rs 100 from it?

Google about various recharge coupon code like paytm, free charge etc, you can get 100rs cash back easily., Just kidding. ☺

Other better options -

  1. If you are good in english then write 1or 2 articles as freelancer. There are various websites which accept guest posts where you can submit your articles and get paid.
  2. Enrolls for genuine survey writing websites which pay you per survey basis and can get more then 100rs in one hour.
  3. If you have smart phone then you get paid for installing various apps from Google play and get few bucks.
  4. If you love making original videos then shoot interesting original videos you will be paid if you can get more viewers of your channel.
  5. Start a blog write original posts, integrate with google adsense and get paid if you have capability to get more visitors on your blog.
  6. If you like teaching then enroll in online tution like vedantu which pays you on hourly basis you can earn more then 500rs per hour.
  7. Better read some interesting, motivating articles, learn a skill , enrich yourself - this will add 100 times more values to you and your personality, this is priceless one hour Investment.

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