Is it really wise to get married?

We all have needs ... physical and emotional needs . If you are a person who can manage his needs then obviously not ... if you think you can live alone to your whole life then ... not .

Many people think that marriage is a necessary thing to happen but this is not true once you got married and once your physical and emotional needs get satisfied and you are feeling bore then that person will be burden for you and if you have got a child then you have got atleast 25 year project ... that you must have to do it .

Marriage should be seen as a way to live a beautiful life with a person whom you truly love and you are ready to see all ups and down of life with her ... definitely marriage is beautiful but one should know why he want to get married .

How can a teenager grow taller?

It depends on how old the teenager is. Secondly it depends on whether or not there is short stature in the family history. Thirdly it depends whether puberty has set in yet or not. With puberty the growth plates in the long bones

What's the point of exercising, and staying fit and healthy if everyone dies?

Staying fit and healthy is about more than just the ability to be healthy, and allow yourself to be absent of illness. It is about the other things that it allows you to achieve and adopt in the process. You can think of it as being fit and healthy as the goal,

What are some productive hobbies to have?

My productive hobby is writing my blog.I started a couple months ago and I'm loving it!The benefits for setting up a website are numerous and the secondary effects it is having on my life are fantastic.Writing a blog as a productive hobby is something that everyone should consider for these main reasons.1. To Give Something BackI've been