Is it safe for Americans to visit Greece now?

Absolutely, it is safe for anyone to visit Greece and has been since before the crisis. I've been going to Greece for nearly 10 years now and never had a problem. I know two people who had things stolen in Athens but I suspect they were targeted as tourists.

The only stories that make me hesitate are of an African American gentleman and an Indian who got detained by police for not having their ID. Some of the police are overzealous and some are racist, but generally these seem isolated incidents rather than the norm.

I've felt a lot less safe in many other countries and Greeks are very friendly.
Greece is probably one of the safest tourist places in the world, and definitely the safest in the Balkan / wider East European region. Just employ some common sense (you know, the usual "be mindful of your wallet and avoid drunk people" stuff) and you have no reason to worry.

I don't see a reason why it wouldn't be safe for Americans specifically - there have been indeed a lot of demonstrations in Greece against US foreign policy, but that hardly has any effect on how individual people are being treated - even  American soldiers serving at the US naval base at Souda Bay. I was a student in Chania for many years and I don't remember any incident whatsoever relating to an attack or even harassment.

To my experience, the only major health hazard when I visit Greece is the enormous quantities of great food, so you've got to be careful with that...

Greece has one the lowest rates of violent crime in the world, with a homicide rate that's much lower than of the US. (US has about 5 homicides per 100K population, Greece has less than 1 per 100K). While incidents do happen as they do everywhere, Greece doesn't have the no-go areas that the US does, nor the levels of crime the US does, nor is a target for terrorism.

It's bewildering that you're assuming otherwise. And it's equally bewildering that you ask only about Americans. The country isn't known for being unsafe, and is a leading tourism destination that attracts over 30 million foreign visitors per year; including about a million Americans. Furthermore, as a European country, Americas will experience little culture shock.

Actually Greece is one of the safest tourist destinations in Europe. There hasn't been a terorrist attack like it happened in other countries of the EU ever partially because of the defensive dogma of the country and domestic terorrism is towards political figures mainly. There hasn't been any significant incidents towards any tourists and especially in the more tourist active areas police is doing a very good job keeping the places safe. Also Greeks have a long good relationship with the U.S even though we disagree in some foreign policy decisions and he have been one of the oldest allies of the U.S.

You should definitely visit and enjoy Greece and for God's sake don't draw your conclusions through the media .

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