Is it safe for a gay person to visit Dubai or Egypt?

It is certainly a bad idea to be openly gay in Dubai, as that can lead you to your arrest, deportation, or worse.

But simply being gay should not be a problem, though unfortunately, you'd have to hide it. If you travel with your partner or spouse, no holding hands in the open, no kissing, no open displays of affection. It is probably safer to rent separate hotel rooms, though a single room with two beds is okay, too. The bottom line is that the authorities will not be going out of your way to catch you; you'd have to offend someone (but that someone could be hotel staff or another hotel guest who are offended by your behavior) who then reports you to the police before something happens.

In short, you could have an enjoyable time in the place, so long as you are careful and so long as you are comfortable with hiding your sexual orientation. If you would rather not, as you find it humiliating or offensive (I certainly couldn't blame you if you did), then avoid the UAE. Come visit Canada instead :-)

In Egypt it would be safe as long as you don't advertise the fact that you are gay. Homosexuality doesn't exist in the culture: men as a result freely hold hands, kiss on the cheeks, and so many other signs of (platonic) affection that in the West are clear signs of being gay. You could probably even rent a hotel room with two single beds and it wouldn't attract any attention, whereas an opposite sex unmarried couple could have problems with the law very quickly (depending on citizenship).
Well , it is safe unless you publicaly announce it. There are many secretly gay people living in the U.A.E and Egypt and they live just like other people.
Nobody will probably ever ask about your sexuality but in the case that they do just say your straight and pretend to be offended by the question. Other than that you're pretty safe , and if you're travelling with your partner just say that you are friends and well no public displays of affection , even straight people cannot display affection in these countries.

Sadly as stated before it is indeed dangerous and Ill advised under any ircumstances.

Dubai and Egypt are not the most serious threats but certainly beg extensive research considerations.

logically we don't go anywhere that has a high probability of harm. If it's a necessity then measures should take place as discussed.

It's an excellent reminder of the freedoms we enjoy and a opportunity to think well for the oppressed.

Its safe unless you cross dress which is illegal.
Male tourists tell court they did not know cross-dressing was illegal in the UAE | The National
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